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Application Process

After submission of an application, Next will engage prospective students and their families in the following three-step process:


Next will schedule and notify students and families of a meeting date in which the student, family, and the charter school will discuss the application and the school itself. This meeting will be collaborative in nature and provide for the purposes of clearly communicating the philosophy and operation of the school and for the prospective student to share relevant experiences. Above all else, the meeting will be student-centered and depend upon their involved participation. Next believes that the prospective student deserves clarity in understanding “Why we exist?” and “What will be expected of me?” We purport that dialogue is the most effective means to answer both questions. Successful applicants will understand the mission of the charter and articulate how they will benefit from said mission. Students will be asked to subscribe to following Vision for Student Commitments.

I will try everything.

I will seek to be a community member at every opportunity.

I will bring credit to myself and the charter.

I will develop, monitor, and complete my Individual Learning Plan with my Advisor.

I will initiate a post-secondary learning experience.


Next will establish a committee to review and discuss all applications. Said committee will ensure completion of the application itself and review all pertinent student records. In order to determine whether student enrollment at the charter school is appropriately suited for all parties, the committee will take a holistic approach by reviewing the following criteria:

Does the student understand and subscribe to the mission, central tenets, belief statements, and dispositions of Next?

Does the student commit to the Vision for Student Commitments?

Is there compelling evidence, based on the student’s history, that he/she will be unsuccessful at Next?

Is there compelling evidence, based on the student’s history, that he/she will require supports and structures that are in excess of those that Next will provide?

Is there compelling evidence that the student will produce a material or substantial disruption to the educational community and/or social fabric of Next?

 Affirmative answers to questions one (1) and two (2) are necessary components for admission. Affirmative answers to any or all of questions three (3) through five (5) may preclude a student from admission at Next.


The committee will provide notice to all prospective students and families in a timely manner as established by the Board as to the status of their application.