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The mission of Next Charter School is to meet the needs of students not fully served within a traditional high school educational program and to employ a system of instructional and assessment practices that values competency, inquiry, flexibility, and the social nature of learning so that all students will graduate and initiate post-secondary learning options.

Mission IOur mission attempts to collect and implement best practices in education and other relevant disciplines, while drawing upon current research and thinking, so that each student is provided with a personalized and individualized learning environment.  To that end, Next Charter School operates under the following two (2) principles:

“Learning is the constant and time is the variable.”

“One size does not fit all.”

PartnershipOur mission also recognizes that a high school diploma is not the end. Instead, students must graduate from high school with knowledge, skills, and habits that promote success outside of school settings.  Partnerships with community and business organizations are essential to prepare students for their adult lives.