The Origin of Next

The story of Next is unique in that it is the result of a partnership between a charter school and a traditional school district. It is no coincidence that the founding board at Next was made up of members from the Derry Cooperative School District’s (DCSD) administrative team and members of its school board. Together this group aimed to create a smaller, more flexible approach to high school that would meet the needs of a small number of students who were looking for something different. In collaboration with the DCSD, the founding board of Next organized a team to develop a charter concept and draft a charter application to the NH State Board of Education during the fall of 2011. Next, in tandem with the DCSD, presented its plan to the voters of Derry in March of 2012 and received initial approval. Next was officially approved as a state authorized public charter school by the NH State Board of Education in June of 2012.