Completing high school

All graduates from Next Charter School earn a NH state-approved high school diploma

As a public high school, Next requires that graduates meet the minimum requirements established by the NH Department of Education, as specified in the NH Code of Administrative Rules Ed 306.27. Below is an overview of these requirements.

  • English- 4 credits
  • Math- 3 credits
  • Physical Science- 1 credit
  • Life Science- 1 credit
  • American Studies- 1 credit
  • Global Studies- 0.5 credit
  • Civics- 0.5 credit
  • Economics- 0.5 credit
  • Arts- 0.5 credit
  • Physical Education- 1 credit
  • Health- 0.5 credit
  • Technology- 0.5 credit
  • Exhibition- 2 credits
  • Social Engagement- 1 credit
  • Capstone- 3 credits

Total 20 credits

In meeting these requirements, all graduates of Next Charter School must complete an internship, known as the Capstone Program. This requirement helps to prepare the graduate for college and career opportunities by allowing them to explore fields of interest. To learn more about Capstone, click here.