Student Testimonials


Class of 2022

As an 8th grader, I had a lot of anxiety about going to such a large school as Pinkerton Academy, so I started looking into alternative schools. Next Charter School was the first and only school I even thought about considering. The staff and students were very welcoming when I spent a few hours at Next to determine if this was the school for me. Little did I know I would be attending in September. We started off the school year with an overnight field trip to Mayhew Island. I made new friends. We had many other field trips throughout the year ending with another overnight field trip. Next Charter School is an amazing school with helpful staff and respectful students, an environment where you don’t have to be afraid to be who you are. Yes, we’re a small school but, once you get there it doesn’t feel small anymore. There are many volunteer opportunities and leadership activities to look forward too. As a third year student, I’m excited to say that I will be graduating from this school while taking classes at Pinkerton Academy and participating in sports with Pinkerton. Hope to see new faces!


Class of 2021

I love Next Charter School. This is the place where I have made all my friends. The teachers are amazing, the students are great, and everyone is super nice. Next Charter School feels like home to me. There are amazing field trips and great memories to make at Next Charter School. This is the school to choose if you want an amazing high school experience.


Class of 2023

I came to Next Charter School because I just felt like traditional school wasn’t doing it for me anymore. That lead to me looking for something else. I soon found Next and decided to go to an open house night. (Which was very informative). To this day I feel that going to Next might have been the best choice I’ve made in my life.


Class of 2024

Next is a great place to learn and to go to school. They are super friendly and they will become like family to you. I love that you can go at your own pace.


Class of 2021

I started my first two years of high school at another school. It was a good school but it wasn’t right for me. I was failing classes and showing up late. I remembered learning about Next in middle school so I decided to try my luck with getting in. Once I got to this school, everything changed. I started to love going to school and putting all my effort into my work. I learned a lot about myself during the first year I was at Next. All the teachers at Next were very understanding and helpful and the structure of learning also helped. I am very grateful I got to experience what this school is like and wish I saw sooner how amazing it really is.


Class of 2022

I chose to come to Next because I struggled with learning in a traditional environment and had a lot of anxiety, which I knew would only get worse in a traditional high school. Thanks to the difference in teaching and the tight-knit community, I have done so much better in all subjects and I’ve grown a lot when it comes to handling social interaction.