The future is yours

The purpose of school isn’t to get good at school, it’s to prepare you for what’s next.

While not every high school student has a specific plan for their future, it’s increasingly clear that earning a high school diploma is not the final destination for most. Many Next graduates have gone off to college— sometimes close to home, and sometimes across the country. Others have enrolled vocational training programs and some have enrolled in the military.

The process of moving from high school to college begins early in a person’s high school journey. That’s why each student (and their guardians) start their time at Next by meeting with their academic advisor. After a quick get-to-know-you, the advisor will ask about long term plans and goals. From there, students, parents, and advisors work backwards to build an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) to help reach those goals. The advisor will continue working with students and parents throughout their time at Next to make sure students stay on track with their plan. As students get a little older, they will also have the chance to work with our school counselor to begin visiting and applying to colleges.

For those students who do not plan to attend a traditional college, Next staff will work to establish a plan for the future that ensures each student has opportunities available and a post-high school plan.