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Student Stories

We are fortunate to have a number of outstanding organizations partnering with Next to provide this year’s Capstone students with robust, hands-on learning experiences in distinct career areas that meet their interests.

Elizabeth Bacon

Elizabeth is passionate about theatre and music. She chose to explore this through participating in the Triple Threat three-week singing, dancing, and acting intensive. She also explored her other passion of science through a conservation officer training camp. Elizabeth also hopes to find another site where she can work closely with actor/actresses and directors in the theatre field.

Jacob Batten

Jacob’s passion for sports and sports broadcasting is the reason that he’s pursuing a Capstone internship with Derry TV. Derry Community Access Media provides relevant local government and community programing broadcasts to the town of Derry. Jacob hopes he can learn the technology around broadcasting, while developing a connection with the Derry Community Access Media staff and Derry community.

Dylan Bugley

Dylan has always had a knack for tinkering with things using his hands and tools. Dylan found a joy in welding, and now intends to make that his primary career choice. He is currently interning with Pugliese Contracting, working with and learning from a variety of people in the building industry and trades.

Kira Cote

Kira loves everything to do with words, and her internship with Erin E. Moulton—an author of four books—entails learning about and engaging in the entire writing process: reading books, writing stories, building confidence, interviewing authors, and more. Kira’s stories are very imaginative and interesting, and thanks to her Capstone with Mrs. Moulton they are getting better all the time.

Toby Houghtaling

Toby is a creative thinker and builder. He likes to work on things he is passionate about. After taking woodworking classes in his beginning years of high school he became a passionate this craft. Toby knew he was naive to the field and this intrigued him to learn more. Therefore, it is no surprise to see Toby interning at American Pride Woodworking. American Pride Woodworking specializes in handmade custom furniture, custom fabricating and installation of cabinets, along with furniture refinishing and refurbishing. In his internship, Toby hopes to learn from talented skilled woodworkers, and to help the American Pride Woodworking business.

Destiny LaFontaine

Destiny really enjoys photography and helping others. Destiny had these interests in mind when she partnered with Raeann at Annie Rae’s Photography and with first grade teacher, Cathy Mulready, at East Derry Memorial Elementary School. Destiny use these amazing internship opportunities to explore the finer business side of photography and the hands-on, one-on-one work with teachers and first graders. She says “I value the opportunities Next and my mentors have given me.” Destiny plans to apply to college and become an elementary teacher.

Aaron Noj

Aaron is interning at a recording studio in Manchester called Revelry Studios. He is there to experience what it’s like to be a musician and to learn how to record and produce music for his future music career. He wants to work with music in any way he can, whether he’s a traveling rock star, singer-songwriter, or even an audio engineer–he loves his music!

Jewel Sullivan

Jewel has a love for animals and would like to work them later on in life. She is considering majoring in a few possible degrees which include: zoology, wildlife sciences, economic science, or another major involved with animals. Interning at the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire is a start to helping with the basic concepts of how to care for some common pets. ARL is a no kill shelter, with the primary goal of helping animals to become rehabilitated and re-homed.