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Alumni Stories

Kevin – 2017 Graduate

Kevin is fortunate to have interned with JSI Capital Advisors in Manchester, a company that provides strategic and financial advisory services to the telecommunications, information technologies, software, and digital media industries. Kevin said, “This invaluable experience is showing me what it is really like to work in a corporate office. I am learning a great deal about the nature of accounting and finance as well as the skills necessary to compete in the field. My internship is acting as an introductory course in finance, and I hope to take what I am learning and utilize it in the future by pursuing a career in this field.”

Devony – 2017 Graduate 

Devony has so many interests driving her learning that she has chosen to explore two different career pathways through Capstone. Devony had an amazing experience in July and August 2016 interning at Analog Devices, Inc. in Wilmington, Massachusetts, a company that provides cutting-edge technological solutions for a large variety of industries worldwide. Devony described her work at ADI this way, “I worked at Analog Devices this summer, a tech company that designs and produces sensors for everything from your car to your tomato garden.  My job was to work with the other interns to make instructional videos and documents on some of the components they donate to FIRST.” In the winter of 2016-2017, Devony sought an opportunity to explore a very different experience, educating young people by interning at the The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua, an organization committed to providing enriching educational and social programming to children ages 5-18.  Devony is currently enrolled at the University of New Hampshire where she is studying to become an engineer.

Tyler – 2017 Graduate

Tyler spent part of most school days working with the Technology Department for the Derry Cooperative School District, providing all levels of equipment, training, and tech support for the Derry school facilities. Tyler came to this internship with some personal experience rebuilding computers and computer components. He says it is fun being able to use this knowledge to repurpose older or spare components to again be useful. Tyler’s mentor says of Tyler, “He seems to like learning new things and has a passion for what he is doing.” Tyler is currently enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University’s Advantage Program where he is studying computer hardware and software design.

Dyllan – 2017 Graduate 

Dyllan spent September through November of the 16-17 school year interning in a Grade 6 Social Studies classroom at Gilbert H. Hood Middle School in Derry. At his Capstone Defense presentation in January, Dyllan shared takeaways from his experience. Dyllan recognized that teachers need to be knowledgeable in their subject area, well-prepared each day, able to think on their feet, and skilled at managing groups. Dyllan says his experience in the teaching-side of the classroom helped him to become comfortable speaking in front of groups and communicating with adults. Dyllan is currently enrolled at Rivier University where he is studying to become a teacher.

Callista – 2017 Graduate

Callista experienced what it means to be part of team of professional high school English Language Arts educators while interning this fall at Alvirne High School in Hudson. At her Capstone Defense in February, Callista identified this personal takeaway to her audience, “There are no bad kids, it all depends on how you work with them.” Callista believes her experience helped her to see that all students are unique and as a teacher you need to be prepared to adjust to different learning styles to help all students be successful learners. Callista is currently enrolled at Colby-Sawyer College and has joined the United States Navy and will complete her service after earning a bachelor’s degree.

Isobel – 2017 Graduate

Isobel has interned at Tupelo Music Hall in Derry, an entertainment venue that hosts nationally acclaimed musical talent in an intimate, relaxed atmosphere. Isobel says, “Interning at The Tupelo Music Hall has been the most amazing opportunity. Being able to work with different people every time I am there and being exposed to awesome music is something I want to do after high school. Working at a music venue and even owning my own venue one day would be a dream come true. I can’t see myself doing anything else.” Isobel is currently working at Tupelo Music Hall while she plans her next steps.

David – 2017 Graduate

Last summer, David developed an internship opportunity for himself at American Pride Woodworking in Derry, a shop devoted to delivering custom woodwork, custom finishing, antique furniture repair and restoration, and wood carving for individuals and businesses. Since August 2016, David spends time weekly at the shop supporting the craftsmen in making quality pieces for their clients, as well as creating a few pieces to donate to organizations that serve youths in the community. David says this experience has motivated him to want to own his own woodworking shop some day. David is currently enrolled at JobCorps in Manchester, NH where is learning about metal and woodworking.

Jaiden – 2017 Graduate

Jaiden interned at Single Digits in Bedford, a company that provides high speed internet access globally to the hospitality industry. Jaiden commented on how this experience is unique from being in school. At Single Digits, Jaiden feels that the work he is doing in tech support is helping other people in the company do their jobs effectively, and this sense of purpose and contribution to the organization is very satisfying. Jaiden is currently making plans to attend a two-year college program.

Josh – 2017 Graduate

Josh is a comics enthusiast, and an individual who highly values being part of a community. For these reasons, interning at Midgard Comics and Games in Derry was a perfect Capstone experience for Josh. Midgard sells premier comics, board games, and collectible trading cards, as well as provides a welcoming environment for casual and competitive players to regularly meet and play. Josh learned what it takes to start and run a small niche business. Josh says, “This opportunity to learn something new outside of school is so important. To make the most of Capstone, you need to never be afraid to ask questions or for help, and be sure to keep your other school work moving forward so you can spend as much time in your site as possible.” Josh is planning to attend Southern New Hampshire University’s Advantage Program.

Thomas – 2017 Graduate

Thomas has always had a natural interest in vehicle mechanics. During his final school year, Thomas has spent over four hundred hours at Joe & Kim Auto in Derry, a full-service garage that provides repairs and maintenance service on all types of cars. Thomas loves being at the shop, and the guys say no matter what the weather, and even on school vacations, Thomas always showed up at his scheduled time, eager to observe and assist on any job.

Phil – 2017 Graduate

Phil is a very industrious person who thrives on working and getting things done. Phil utilized this personal drive as an intern with Michael Carpenito Construction in Windham, a full-service home remodeling company that specializes in home additions, and bath, kitchen, and basement remodeling. Phil’s goal is to start his own construction business, and working with Mike has taught Phil that being organized, attentive to the customer, and working smart allows for an efficient and lucrative business model. Phil is currently working full-time as a landscaper.

Linda – 2017 Graduate

Linda began her Capstone experience by completing an LNA course over the summer. She used those skills working for Right At Home In-Home Care and Assistance, in Londonderry, a company that caters to the elder community by providing individualize in-home care to clients in Southern NH. Linda says, “The thing I value the most about my internship with Right at Home is that I get hands on experience. I also value the one-on-one client relationship and bond that is made.” Linda continued her internship at Pleasant Valley Nursing Home in Derry. Linda is currently planning to enroll in a two-year college program.

Jonny – 2017 Graduate

Jonny has had the unique experience of interning for two organizations partnering to serve our Derry community–Derry Community Television, providing relevant local government and community programing and the Community Alliance for Teen Safety (CATS), a non-profit organization dedicated to communicating and promoting safe teen habits. Jonny’s says of the Capstone experience, “As long as you commit and are professional, everyone will be on your side.” Jonny is currently working for Derry Community Television as he contemplates a move to Los Angeles to study acting.

Erin – 2017 Graduate

From a very young age, Erin has been fascinated with paramedicine. Erin designed her Capstone program to include her participation in ambulance ride alongs, thus far with Windham, Salem, and Amesbury fire departments. Erin also completed the first eight weeks of the New England EMS Institute Basic EMT Training, in Manchester, an entry-level and rigorous training program designed to prepare individuals to sit for the National Registry of EMT Examination required for eligibility for state licensure. Erin had this to say when asked why she is drawn to EMT work: “I like helping people, and the adrenaline rush from responding to unsecured scenes. This type of work makes me feel important.” Erin is currently planning a post-graduate year of study while investigating colleges in New England.

Jake -2016 Graduate

Jake transitioned to Next to begin his 3rd year of high school after completing two years at Pinkerton Academy and earned his diploma in the spring of 2016. Jake’s Capstone experience saw him intern with a master watch and clock professional at Mitchell and Bosworth, Inc., in Concord, New Hampshire. After graduation, Jake enrolled at NHTI to seek his Associates in Business Administration in addition to continuing his seven-year apprenticeship at Mitchell and Bosworth. In true entrepreneurial spirit, Jake also opened his own eBay company to sell parts and pieces specific to the field of horology.

Arielle – 2016 Graduate

Arielle transitioned to Next to begin her second year of high school after completing one year at Pinkerton Academy and earned her diploma in the spring of 2016. Arielle’s Capstone experience saw her investigate a law firm in Manchester, architecture at Northpoint Construction in Hudson, New Hampshire, and extensive time at Henry’s Jewelry and Awards in Lawerence, Massachusetts. After graduation, Arielle enrolled at NHTI to begin her general studies.

Bella – 2016 Graduate

Bella transitioned to Next to begin her second year of high school after completing one year at Pinkerton Academy and earned her diploma in the spring of 2016. Bella’s Capstone experience saw her spilt her time between two sites. First, she interned at Landmark Healthcare in Londonderry, New Hampshire, to investigate the nursing profession and second, Bella explored the role of a dental hygienist at Haas Dental in Derry, New Hampshire.  After graduation, Bella planned to enroll at Manchester Community College before seeking to transfer to Keene State College.

Sara – 2016 Graduate

Sara transitioned to Next to begin her third year of high school after completing two years at Campbell High School and earned her diploma in the spring of 2016. Sara’s Capstone experience focused on health care and early childhood education, interning at Grey Stone Farm in Salem, New Hampshire, and at Country Bear Preschool in Hudson, New Hampshire. While attending Next, Sara received her LNA and after graduation enrolled at Manchester Community College to begin her studies in early childhood education.

Brittany – 2016 Graduate

Brittany transitioned to Next to begin her third year of high school after completing two years at Pinkerton Academy and earned her diploma in the spring of 2016. Brittany’s Capstone experiences took her to Tufts University to audit classes and shadow a 1st year medical student, Concord Hospital to observe the medical practice, and finally to Pleasant Valley Nursing Center in Derry, New Hampshire. After graduation, Brittany enrolled at Manchester Community College to study nursing.

Corinda – 2016 Graduate

Corinda transitioned to Next to begin her third year of high school after completing two years at Pinkerton Academy and earned her diploma in the spring of 2016. Corinda’s Capstone experiences were dedicated to a manufacturer specializing in screen printing to explore the use of art in this field as well as working at Groundhog Landscaping in Derry, New Hampshire, one of the largest full scale companies of its kind in the local area.  After graduation, Corinda began working full-time.