Oct. 23

Oct. 23

Hello students and parents,

I hope your week has been healthy and productive. Thanks for tuning in for this week’s updates.

Module 2
The first day of module 2 was Thursday. The module will take us up to Friday, Nov. 20. Classes occur almost every Mon, Tues, Thurs. Fri. and start on the hour, from 9-3. Please make sure you are signed in to your Google Meet with your camera on by the start of class (a few minutes early isn’t a bad idea). There are a few events in November that will change the schedule. As a reminder, you can see our public calendar here.

School Attendance and Health
As we enter the cold and flu season, we need to continue to be diligent about making sure we stay healthy and we don’t negatively impact the health of those around us. We are thankful to everyone for the great communication with school about illnesses and absences. This is just a reminder to parents – if you child is going to be absent from school, please contact us at kwoodes@nextcharterschool.org or 603.437.6398. We are asking you to let us know if your child is ill so that we can do a good job watching for any signs that may impact our school community.

Derry Community Fund – Application for Thanksgiving and Christmas Gifts
If you or someone you know needs assistance this holiday season, please complete (or pass along) this flyer. These applications are due by October 31. We encourage individuals to submit an application, but if that isn’t possible, they can still show up to one of the distribution sites listed on the flyer. All the information is on the flyer.

Election Contest
OK, the election is almost here. To celebrate, and get students (and staff) excited about this event, I am formally announcing our 2nd quadrennial  electoral college challenge. Here are the rules:
  1. Students and staff only (sorry parents)
  2. Go to this website and fill out an electoral college map. Your job is to predict which presidential candidate will will each state. To do this, click on one of the two political parties at the top (Republican or Democrat). Then click the states (keep an eye on Maine and Nebraska) that you think will be won by that political party. Do the same for the other political party until you have assigned all 538 electoral votes to one of the two parties. Check your progress at the bottom. The bar should be filled with some combination of Red and Blue.
  3. Once you are satisfied with your prediction, click Share Map. This will generate a link. Copy the link into an email and send it to me BEFORE 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday, 11/3.
  4. When we have the results (who knows when that will be), I will announce the student and staff member who got the most states right. Each will win a GREAT prize and will earn bragging rights as a super cool political nerd. Good luck.
Halloween Costumes
At our community day next Wed. we are inviting students (and staff) to wear their Halloween costumes to school. This is optional, but if you decide to dress up, here are the rules…
  • Costumes must be school appropriate – if you’re not sure, ask me… but that usually isn’t a good sign…
  • No real or real-looking weapons. We can’t scare people (remember, little kids come to this building)
  • Although you might have a mask, your mask likely will NOT be a substitute for an actual cloth face covering. Bring your regular mask too, as you will likely need to wear it.
  • Be nice to others! Don’t make fun of other people’s costumes (like your director) because it could hurt their feelings.
Next Week
Mon. 10/26 – Remote Learning (In-person support for scheduled students)
Tues. 10/27 – Remote Learning (In-person support for scheduled students)
Wed. 10/28 – Community Day – Wear your costume if you want!
Thurs. 10/29 – Remote Learning (In-person support for scheduled students)
Fri. 10/30 – Remote Learning (In-person support for scheduled students)

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