Sept. 11

Sept. 11

Hello Students and Parents,

I hope you are all well and feeling good as we wrap up our first week of school. As you know, this week we invited all students into the building to do some orientation activities. These activities went well and I know I speak for all staff members when I tell you how wonderful it felt to be surrounded again (safely) by our students. This place isn’t the same without that teenage energy.

Remote Instruction Begins
On Monday, 9/14, remote instruction will begin for all students. Soon, each student will receive an email invitation from each of the teachers of their remote classes, inviting them to join the Google Classroom site for each class. Each student has an individual schedule and this information will be communicated by their advisor in advance of Monday morning. Students are required to be logged in to the Google Meet for each class, with their cameras on. The link for each Google Meet site will be at the top of the Google Classroom site.

Remote instruction begins each day at 9:00 a.m. Classes are scheduled to begin on the hour, at 9, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2. Most students will be scheduled for 4-5 classes, with at least one block of time to be used as an independent or supported study.

Schedule for Next Week

  • Monday, 9/14 – Remote Instruction
  • Tuesday, 9/15 – Remote Instruction
  • Wednesday, 9/16 – Community Day: students will come to next for a half day with their advisory (see below)
    • 8:45 – 11:15 a.m: Gleckman/Crawford, LaFlamme, Aquilina, Bengtson
    • 12:30 – 3:00 p.m.: Crowley, Miloro, Saucier, Whalen
  • Thursday, 9/17: Remote Instruction
  • Friday, 9/18: Remote Instruction

Food Service
We have learned that the Derry Cooperative School District is providing FREE breakfast and lunch to ALL students in the school district AND ALL Next Charter School students. If your family would normally complete an application for free and reduced-priced meals status, we respectfully ask that you do this, as always done in previous years. This is asked for the integrity of the program and out of an abundance of caution, so that your family will retain their status if or when the funding runs out. Forms were provided in our folders but are also available at Next (see Ms. Woodes).

Here is the important information about accessing meals.

During Remote Instruction AND on Community Days:

  • On remote instruction days (when a student is NOT present in school) and Community Days (when students are present for 1/2 day), meals may be picked up at the back of the Gilbert H. Hood at door #16 (outside the cafeteria) between 12-12:30 p.m.
  • The student does not need to be present but you will be asked for the student’s name and ID#. We have ID cards for all students but we did not receive them in time to hand them out. We will give them out next week. In the meantime, the food service staff will be able to look up a student’s ID with their name (make sure to let them know you go to Next).

During In-Person Support Days:

  • Some students are scheduled to come to Next for in-person support. On these occasions, students will have the option to order breakfast and lunch or bring meals from home. A staff member will take orders for school breakfast/lunch at arrival time and meals will be delivered to the student.
  • If you have made it this far, thank you! For those of you students looking for a digital recording of our now famous song “Covid Time” keep your eyes peeled on iTunes. I’m sure it will be in the top 10 soon.

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